About Us

“Enterprise Solutions for Small & Medium Business”

We are a cutting edge technology company that has two divisions, an Information Technology group and a Telecommunications group. Our combination of 20+ years experience and alliances with our high-tech partners enables us to provide highly effective “Enterprise Solutions for Small & Medium Business.”
Information Technology Group
LANCOM offers a comprehensive array of integration services providing true end-to-end connectivity expertise.
Systems Engineering Specialists

LANCOM is a systems engineering firm providing products and services for end-to-end connectivity solutions.  We strive to be an effective technical resource to both system integrators and the end-user community.
Our Commitment to Your Success

LANCOM primary objective is to maximize our clients’ project success by providing certified, experienced engineers committed to implementing and managing the technology layer of project to completion on time and under budget.
Our Experience and Knowledge Assures Your Project Success

LANCOM is uniquely qualified to ensure the success of our clients’ integration projects based on the quality and experience of our engineering staff.  All LANCOM engineers have more than 15 years of field experience.
Telecommunications Group
Our experience over the last 6 years enables us to offer a wide variety of telecommunications products and services for not only small to medium sized businesses such as convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops, wireless and computer store, but large corporations such as book companies, grocery store chains and travel plazas as well. Additionally, we are able to support marketing and product sales for distributors of all sizes.
We operate strictly at the wholesale level.  All services as well as products intended for resale may be purchased directly from us or indirectly through those companies with which we are affiliated.
The cornerstone of our success is customer service.  All telecommunication products are 100% guaranteed with no exceptions and we are available to respond to service problems twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week
We can provide any prepaid product you request from long distance phone cards, wireless recharge, internet to local dial tones and from cell phones and ring tones to cell phone games.  We can offer your business all forms of highly competitive merchant services from credit card processing, prepaid debit cards and gift cards to cashless ATM’s and automatic bill payment solutions.

Your full service information technology and telecommunications company!
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